You’re Dead America – NOWNESS

Filmmaker Jovan Todorovic presents a visceral and enigmatic dramatization of American poet Danez Smith’s eponymous lyric on alienation, violence and salvation in the States. The poem, which was published and widely shared on Buzzfeed, and accompanies his heart-wrenchingly powerful book Don’t Call Us Dead, explores race relations, social disintegration, and the failure of the American Dream, which receives a dystopian visual take from Todorovic. Speaking about his darkly dynamic visual ode, and the poem that accompanies it, Todorovic explains: “America and the American dream is an emotion, and it used to be an attainable dream. This sentiment is quickly dissolving. My wish is to address this despair purely on an emotional level. This is a poetic short film that explores what has happened to the idea of the American Dream… a visceral meditation on the idea of death and decay… and finally, rebirth.”

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