You Didn’t Lose It | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

It’s okay to have doubts.

In “You Didn’t Lose It,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals that the presence of doubt doesn’t mean the absence of faith.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – You Didn’t Lose It (Mark 9, verses 14-29)
4:14 – Are You Hard On Yourself?
7:18 – I’ve Lost It!
10:11 – Learning To Ask Jesus Privately (Mark 9, verses 28-29)
11:15 – The Difference Between You And Your Feelings (Mark 9, verse 24)
14:09 – I Can’t Find It! It’s Gone Forever
16:05 – You Don’t Know How To Look
18:34 – When You Have Doubts (Mark 9, verse 24)
20:30 – Blaming Doesn’t Get You Anywhere
22:50 – Why You Lose Your Faith
24:03 – God Still Works Even When You Doubt
27:53 – My Favorite Prayer In The Bible
29:42 – You Can’t Do It Alone
31:36 – Have You Been Fighting On The Wrong Level?
33:35 – Focus On What You Are Walking In With
35:28 – Lift Before You Look
38:40 – Stop Looking In The Wrong Places
40:22 – Help Me Look, Lord

You Didn’t Lose It | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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