You Can Be Satisfied | Lisa Harper | Elevation Church

Our satisfaction can only be found in Him.

In “You Can Be Satisfied,” guest speaker Lisa Harper teaches us that authentic hope comes from an authentic relationship with Jesus.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Introduction
2:30 – Mick Jagger Was Wrong
6:08 – Online Dating Gone Wrong
15:55 – I Want A Real Authentic Relationship (Genesis 1, verses 26-27)
18:28 – Everybody Has A Hungry Heart
20:44 – The Bible Is More Than A Rulebook (John 4, verses 1-10)
25:04 – Turning Culture Upside Down
27:16 – A Label of Shame
30:20 – An Intimate Conversation with Jesus
32:42 – Why You Need Perimeters
34:17 – God Doesn’t Relate To You Through Shame (John 4, verse 39)
36:30 – Even When You Mess Up
39:58 – Don’t Miss God’s Compassion (John 21, verses 15-17)
42:58 – Your Performance Doesn’t Dictate Your Relationship With God
44:43 – Have You Lost Hope?
47:00 – God Will Hold You In Your Lowest Moment
48:44 – What Do You Need From Jesus?

Mick Jagger Was Wrong (You Can Be Satisfied) | Lisa Harper | Elevation Church

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