Why This Road: Dan Portelance

As the son and grandson of fish fryers in coastal Massachusetts, Dan Portelance dreamed of a life elsewhere as a famous chef. Just when his goal was within reach, his restaurant failed, leaving him penniless and struggling to find purpose. This is the story of how Dan realized his true passion and built a new life from the ashes of potential defeat.

Directed by Ben Proudfoot | @bgproudfoot / ben@breakwaterstudios.com
Shot by David Bolen | @davidbolen
Edited by Nick Wright | @thenifty_
Music by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson
Sound by Sean Higgins
Color by Stephen Derluguian
Head of Development: Emily Bon
Head of Production: Sam Sandweiss | @sam_sandweiss
Head of Post Production: David Nieman

Made with Love by Breakwater Studios Ltd. in Los Feliz, California | breakwaterstudios.com | @breakwaterstud

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