Why Are We Making Towers Where The Leopards Are? – NOWNESS

The conflict between industry and wilderness is the subject of London-based filmmaker Oliver Endersby’s latest film—taking place within the ‘edge-lands’ of England’s Lea Valley. Inspired by narratives surrounding the co-existence of humans and leopards in Mumbai, Endersby’s film “presents the audience with a series of camera ‘trap’ imagery, working with its surreal and lo-fi quality,” as the emerging director explains. “I wanted to suggest the presence of a mythical and nocturnal creature wandering among the rugged landscape,” explains Endersby. “In doing this the film asks us to consider the ways in which we attempt to distance ourselves from nature, and how we construct spaces that exist in limbo between city and country.”

Oliver’s film was made possible through a partnership between NOWNESS and the ICA—part of the Stop Play Record initiative which helps emerging filmmakers with a program of workshops, industry advice, screenings, and support.

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