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As Joaquin Phoenix dances down those Gotham steps and into theaters this week as the Joker/Arthur Fleck, we’re feeling nostalgic for the Clown Princes of Crime of our past. And so we’re pitting the movies’ previous Jokers against each other to decide which actor gave us the ultimate incarnation of the character – at least up to now. We’re going way back for this battle, with Cesar Romero from 1966’s ‘Batman’ flick and that era’s TV series going up against Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Mark Hamill, who has played the character in various animated projects and video games. How does one even begin to compare so many loons? Well boopsy, we’re doing it by Tomatometer, box office, impact, the dastardliness of their schemes, and a special wild card round. Mark Ellis is your host and ultimate arbiter, so if you disagree with the result you know where to send the laughing gas…

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Burn Me Out by Jared Kahelemauna Palomar, Daniel Ryan Murphy, & Anthony David Sanudo
Jack Hammer Hymn by Thomas Bergersen
Always and Forever by Blues Saraceno & Stephen Robinson Bertrand
Age of Mullet by Kyle White & Daniel Carl Holter
Courtesy of Extreme Music

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