When The Gift Becomes A Prison | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

How are you handling the gifts God’s given you?

In “When The Gift Becomes A Prison,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals how Jesus broke from tradition to show us how to live in His truth.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – What Are You Modeling Your Life After? (Luke 6, verses 1-5)
2:18 – When The Gift Becomes A Prison
4:48 – The Controversy Jesus Faced (Luke 6, verse 2)
7:25 – Everything Is Breaking (Luke 5)
9:21 – Jesus Will Break Your Chains
11:30 – Discipleship By Default or Design?
13:40 – An Apprenticeship In Anxiety
15:40 – You Get To Decide
17:38 – Technology Can Be A Prison
19:35 – Don’t Twist God’s Gift
21:47 – Twisting Religion (Luke 6, verse 1)
24:00 – He’s The Bread of Life (Luke 6, verse 1)
25:21 – Why Jesus Used David As An Example
28:55 – THIS Is The Example He Used?! (1 Samuel 21, verses 1-4; Luke 6, verse 3)
32:05 – Permission To Do It Different
33:56 – God Is Trying To Get The Worthless Things Out of Your Life
36:04 – Jesus Is The Operating System of Your Life
38:20 – Will You Copy The World or God?
39:39 – You’ve Given The Devil Too Much Credit
41:27 – Look At It With Anticipation
43:10 – Don’t Let Condemnation Control Your Life
45:04 – It’s Time To Breakout of That Prison
48:03 – Salvation Is A Gift

When The Gift Becomes A Prison | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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