Wealth Not A Waste – Jib’s Story

70% of all diseases in Ghana are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation with 6 million people being unable to access to clean drinking water. This has led to the widespread use of the water sachet which has become a necessity in providing a clean and treated source of water across Ghana. These used sachets unfortunately are extensively littered throughout towns and villages.

In 2015, Jib Hagan’s wife Alba passed away and he was lost in finding the direction his life would take next. After his young children told him that he couldn’t just sit and let other people suffer, he decided to set up a charity (C.A.R.E 4 Basket) to highlight the environmental issues affecting rural communities in Ghana and the impact of global warming and single use plastics on their livelihoods.

This is his story.

A film created in partnership with C.A.R.E 4 Basket, Pala and Heist.

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