WC Jameson – NOWNESS

W.C. Jameson is a man who, over the past forty years, has led expeditions across the American West and Mexico in search of lost mines and buried treasures. Filmmakers Mack Fisher and Taylor McIntosh fulfil a childhood fascination by meeting this “real, live, and tangible” adventurer in the flesh, as they put it. Here the directorial duo explain Jameson’s very real hunt for hidden gems, and open up about their youthful daydreams of meeting a larger-than-life figure such as W.C. “As children, we often heard tall tales of explorers, treasure hunters, and adventurers; however, their images only existed within our imaginations. Sometimes we even dreamt of them—pretending to join these pioneers on expeditions. Together we scoured subconscious realms in search of riches. They taught us to be curious, courageous, and fearless. “The idea of their wildness faded as we grew older—the possibility of these larger than life characters actually existing vanished… Many years passed until, out of nowhere, we heard about a man who had spent his entire life searching, exploring, and hunting treasure. A real, live, tangible, human. A man named W.C. Jameson.

“For us, Jameson personifies the end of a dying breed. He is a man who has lived his life above the law and beyond the boundaries of society like so many brave pioneers before him. Our film, “WC Jameson” is a glimpse into the mind of an American legend as he fulfils his last great quest and reflects on his life as an outlaw.”

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