Water Walking 101 | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

You may be going through a storm today, but God won’t let you go under.

In “Water Walking 101,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to Matthew 14, where the disciple Peter walks on water to meet Jesus. It may be a familiar story, but God wants to reveal even more of His faithfulness through it. Are you ready for a water-walking type of faith?

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0:00 – Welcome To Water Walking 101
2:32 – Let’s Get Back To The Basics of Faith
4:34 – Getting Over What’s Overwhelming You (Matthew 14, verses 22-33)
8:08 – Tighten Your Focus In The Midst of a Trial
10:57 – Certain Storms Are Unavoidable
13:00 – God’s Timing Is Designed To Teach You To Trust
14:52 – He Didn’t Leave You
16:55 – Do You Have A Faith That Will Last The Night?
19:04 – ‘What If’ Works Both Ways
21:39 – There’s Significance On The Other Side
24:19 – God Speaks Deep Things Through Simple Words
27:20 – If He Told You To Do It, You Have What You Need
30:04 – When The Test Comes Before The Lesson (Matthew 14, verses 22 & 31)
33:52 – How Far Can Your Faith Take You?
35:24 – THIS Is Great Faith (Matthew 8, verses 5-10)
39:30 – Big Moves Don’t Always Prove Great Faith
41:39 – Jesus Will Catch You!
45:00 – Grace And Faith Go Hand In Hand
47:29 – What You Have To Learn To Ignore
49:27 – Jesus Just Wants You To Come
51:18 – You Are Not Going Down

Water Walking 101 | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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