Watchtower of China

Creating Watchtower of China was a labour of love. I say labour because we, meaning my crew and I, throughout three consecutive summers, visited over seventy cities and travelled countless thousands of kilometers. Everywhere we went, we found ourselves channelling the powerful energy of this great land to find the strength and inspiration to continue our quest along what became life-changing for all of us. When we initially gathered together we were a film crew. By the time we were done, three years later, we had become a family.

I say love, because what we have created is more than just a film. It is a declaration of our love for this Country.

When I set out on this project I wanted to create a visual tribute to China – an honest observation of daily life. Not a surface travelog, but a real and raw representation of the cultural history. An honoring of Chinese culture, identity, and the complex and varied way of living that spans the enormity of the Chinese territory. A window on the dedication and discipline, the craftsmanship and hard work of the Chinese people. They have an energy of moving forward together as they draw power and inspiration from a culture that looks back over thousands of years, yet rushes fearlessly towards a bold future.

I started to feel this intense energy, as though this cultural pride and determination were now moving through me and my camera. The experience of this film buried itself so deeply within me that I can still feel the hard day’s work in my muscles.

It couldn’t have come together without the help of my dear friends, especially Jolien Snyers and Ricky Choy (did you spot Ricky in the film? She’s in multiple shots and sings in the very last taxi shot!)

It is one of my proudest accomplishments.
I hope you love it.

Directed and Edited by Leonardo Dalessandri

MUSIC by Ezio Bosso
© Sony Music Italy – Buxus Edizioni

Readapted and Mixed by
Marc-George Andersen

Leonardo Dalessandri
Polo Zhao (Zhao Yuan, Tiger Zhao (Zhao Shu)

Production Manager:
Johnny Jiang, Tan Ander

First Assistant Director:
Ricky Choy, Jolien Snyers

Leonardo Dalessandri, Jolien Snyers, Ricky Choy, Deniz Bilol

Additional Camera:
Fatih Turker

Production Assistant:
Feng Ruiqiang, Wallas Lin, Sara Bosa

Location Manager:
Xu Xiaoai

Li Yang,Ted Zheyi

VFX Producer:
Yunus Emre Tolan

Production Crew:
Zhao Lei, Cai Zhengyi, Jiang Huimiao, Zhu Shijiao, Mu Weide, Zhang Xiao, Yu Yaxue, Zhao Bingrong, Ni Xiaoqian, Fu Quansen, Zeng Seng, Yang Lan, Gu Liang

Bill Hu

Josselin Cornil, J-true

Special shout out to my friends Kinson Loo, Mary Setrakova, Joonhong Tham, Filippo Chiesa, Zhou Bing, Li Yu, Damla Kocek

Watchtower of Turkey:
Watchtower Of Morocco:

“Rain, In Your Black Eyes”
© 2010 Ezio Bosso – All Rights Controlled and Administered by Buxus Edizioni s.r.l.
℗ 2016 Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.P.A.

“Thunders and Lightnings”
© 2010 Ezio Bosso – All Rights Controlled and Administered by Buxus Edizioni s.r.l.
℗ 2016 Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.P.A.

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