Warren vows to tackle U.S. corruption

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren unveiled a sweeping anti-corruption proposal on Monday (September 16). She says it will be a key theme of her campaign and called it the ‘biggest end corruption plan’ since Watergate. Warren is the only Democratic candidate that’s seen a steady rise in polling during her campaign. A crowd of thousands turned up for a Warren rally in New York City where the senator pressed her case. (Soundbite) (English) ELIZABETH WARREN, SAYING: “Our democracy is paralysed. And why? Because giant corporations have bought off our government. // No high ranking public official should be thinking about their next job while collecting paycheck for working for the public..so I have a lifetime ban on Senators, congressmen and cabinet secretaries from ever being lobbyists.” Warren’s plan would require presidents and vice presidents to place business assets in blind trusts and require all federal candidates to release tax returns, both items that take aim at President Donald Trump. As president, Trump has regularly visited his own hotels, resorts and golf clubs at taxpayers’ expense. The president maintains ownership of his businesses but has ceded day-to-day control to his sons.

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