Fiction | 2018 | Canada | 19min | 2.1 | 2K | Color | Film 16mm | French. Eng Subs.

Wanda, a disturbed 12 year old girl, flees her alcoholic mother and embarks on a journey that will reveal her.

Short film, proof of concept to develop the feature from the novel “Wanda” by Wendall Utroi.

Lili-Rose Ste-Marie
Véronique Beaudet
Joanie Poirier
Marie-Pier Labrecque
Christian Cardin
Eliott Perron

Directed by Benjamin Nicolas
Cinematography by Kristof Brandl

Produced by Inna Pan

Co producer Philippe Lalande at 4ZERO1
Line producer Clara L’Heureux-Garcia

Color Grading Simon Boisx

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