UWOL#58 – “A dream come true” by Geir Inge

Hello everyone.
This movie actually continues where my previous uwol movie left off, my goal to reach Liadalsnipa. In this movie, I have exclusively used the GoPro 8 camera and DJI Air 2S, except for a clip of puffins recorded with the Canon XL-H1 HDV. The clip of the puffins has been used before and here only to illustrate what I say about my interests, and within the time that allows this.
Mastering the elements is great. You can feel the adrenaline flowing through your body, while at the same time feeling grateful and humble. Grateful and humble towards the elements of nature and not least towards my colleague, friend and physiotherapist José Souto.
I must also praise my colleagues Alice Dørmenen and Henrik Rebbestad for their participation.
Regarding the subtitles, I should have had a background color so that they became more readable, but I did not fix it. Now I know how to do this, so if I use subtitles in the future, the technique should be used.
And if you’re wondering if I got any fish, the answer is no 🙂
I really appreciate if you come up with views and comments of any kind.
Geir Inge.

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