Unschedulable Blessings | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Your blessing is still on schedule. In “Unschedulable Blessings,” Pastor Steven Furtick encourages us that just because God’s plans aren’t predictable it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t trust in them. Even if you feel behind, held back, or like you’re not where you wanted to be, you can have hope that God is working something better – it may just be on a different schedule.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – I’m Here For It!
3:50 – The Greatest Gift You Could Receive (Acts 1, verses 4-8)
6:47 – Everybody Likes To Give You Advice
9:29 – Life Doesn’t Check Your Schedule
12:20 – The Attributes of God
14:46 – Do You Feel Off Schedule? (Acts 1, verse 6)
18:10 – When You Don’t See What God Spoke (Genesis 12, verses 1-2)
20:38 – Remember The Source Of Your Blessing (Genesis 12, verses 3-4)
23:22 – It’s Not Too Late
26:49 – It’s Never A Bad Time For A Blessing
29:52 – Determining What’s Important (Mark 5, verse 22)
31:40 – I Need Details, Jesus (Mark 5, verse 35)
34:27 – God’s Still On Schedule
37:32 – Can We Reschedule?
40:37 – God Is Selective With The Details
44:07 – Move When God Moves (Numbers 9, verse 15-23)
49:29 – For Those Who Feel Behind Schedule (Mark 5, verse 36)
54:00 – The Unschedulable God
55:55 – You Don’t Know What God Has In Store
1:06:37 – Get Ready For Unschedulable Blessings
1:11:30 – Expect A Blessing

Unschedulable Blessings | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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