Under the Viaduct – NOWNESS

Vancouver-based cinematographer Norm Li—who was director of photography for two previous films on NOWNESS, TR/ST’s ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Fading Light’ by Nights & Weekends—presents his directorial debut: a meditative examination of the spaces occupied by society’s most deprived.

“The idea for the film was inspired by walking past a viaduct early one morning. It was quiet except for the sound of heavy rain and vehicles speeding by. A few tents, inhabited by the homeless, blew in the wind, perched in large bodies of muddy water. Various entertainment venues and condos were just around the corner. It was this decisive contrast that convinced me to make the film.

“Ultimately, I wanted to make a film that explores the divisions within humanity. The viaduct becomes a metaphor, portraying how luxury developments can destroy homeless communities. I captured the footage in a slow, single shot on 35mm film. While no humans appear in the film, it is undeniably about humanity—and how we live together—as a whole.”

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