Trump toasts 'eternal friendship of our people' – BBC News

He starts by thanking the Queen for the “warm welcome” and the “beautiful weather”.

He also references D-Day, which he calls a “mighty endeavor of righteous nations”.

He goes on to reference the Blitz, adding that the British people “showed the world what it means to be British”.

President Trump said the courage shown by the British people during World War II “ensured that your destiny will always remain in your own hands”.

Throughout the war, he said, the Royal Family remained the “resolute face of the Commonwealth’s unwavering solidarity”.

The Queen “inspired” people to support the troops, he said – and he paid tribute to Prince Philip’s wartime service.

He said the “great crusade” of the war sealed the “bond between our nations”, and affirmed values “that will unite us long into the future”.

Among these he listed freedom, sovereignty, self-determination and the rule of law.

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