Travelogue Tel Aviv

A young art student from Switzerland arrives for six months in Tel Aviv. Through drawing he will learn to analyze, understand and free himself from this contrasted environment.

“Travelogue Tel Aviv” is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it on the Vimeo Blog:

Regie/Direction/Régie: Patthey Samuel
Animation: Patthey Samuel, Wirth Claudia, Moser Valentine, Oehen Hannes, Gattlen Estelle, Mueller Alice
Compositing: Patthey Samuel, Oehen Hannes
Musik/Music/Musique: Gobet Julien, Overney Patrick
Foleys: Hebben Dieter
Sounddesign: Winiger Nina, Steinmann Christof, Patthey Samuel
Tonschnitt/Sound Editing/Montage du son: Winiger Nina, Steinmann Christof
Mentor: Chalet Francois
Produktionssupport/Technical Support/Support Technique: First Jean
Assistenz/Assitant/Assistant: Hunziker Lea
Sekretariat/Secretariat/Secrétariat: Ganassi Bettina
Förderung/Funding/Financement: AKL / Braunschweig Arthur
Ausführender Produzent/Executive Producer/Producteur Exécutif: Gockell Gerd
Produktion/Production/Production: HSLU Design & Kunst / BA Animation Jürgen Haas
Co-Produktion/Co-production/Co-production: SRF / Bloch Steinmann Gabriela

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