A musical journey through the vibrant streets of my hometown Toulouse, with the conductor Tugan Sokhiev orchestrating the symphony of the Pink City.

Directed and shot by Morgan Jouquand
Produced by W2P Production
Agency : Tao Agency
Producer : Alban Taravello
Director Assistant & Gimbal : Bruce Touron
Production manager : Blandine Vives
Production Assistant : Amanda Felici
Aerial Shots : Charel Fabry & JB Bazzarini
Editor : Raphaël de Monpezat
Colorist : Tristan Barathe & Robin Cuquel
Sound design : Félix Schmidt

16mm shot on Paillard Bolex H16
Lab : Silverway Paris

The music is based on the theme of Bizet’s Carmen opening, orchestrated by the conductor Tugan Sokhiev and the Capitol National Orchestra, reworked by the talented composers from Chut On Vous Ecoute.

Toulouse, South West France

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