These semipermanent tattoos fade after one year

Ephemeral Tattoo is a studio in Brooklyn, New York, that has developed a tattoo ink that will disappear in about nine to 15 months. Insider producer Manuel Silva-Paulus visits the studio to get his very first tattoo by tattoo artist Phil Young. Founders Josh Sakhai, Vandan Shah, and Brennal Pierre spent seven years developing the made-to-fade, biodegradable ink, and have gone through over 50 formulations of the ink. The tattoos are applied by experienced artists who have been trained to use Ephemeral ink. The cost ranges between $175 and $450 depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. Manny received a discounted media rate to try this treatment for Insider. Ephemeral is taking appointments in Brooklyn and will soon open a location in Los Angeles.
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