“Them That Follow” Thomas Mann & Alice Englert Talk Handling ‘Deadly’ Snakes On-set!! | Hollywire

We chat with Thomas Mann & Alice Englert at the Hollywire X Smirnoff SXSW event in Austin, Texas! These two star in the new film, “Them That Follow.” This story is about a religious group who handle deadly snakes to prove themselves before God. The story follows the pastors daughter Mara, played by Alice, and a non-believer Augie, played by Thomas. Mara and Augie have a secret history in the story! They had to handle real snakes in the film! Both Thomas and Alice like snakes and had no problem with them on set. The film had two directors, Britt Poulton and Dan Madison Savage. We play Hollywords with Alice and Thomas! We find out their last meal, chicken and ramen. Also, their dream collaboration would be Frank Ocean and The Twilight Zone.

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