The Year I Saw | Tauren Wells | Elevation Church

This year isn’t what we imagined, but it’s not over yet. 

In “The Year I Saw,” Christian music artist and preacher, Tauren Wells, reveals how God is still good – even when our situation isn’t. The struggle you’re facing may be the very thing God uses to bring you into the next season.

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0:00 – What This Church Means To Me 
4:28 – This Is Not What I Saw
6:44 – God Knows What To Do With The Dirt
8:55 – The Year of Our Engagement
17:32 – This Isn’t The Year You Anticipated (Isaiah 6, verse 1)
19:55 – What True Strength Really Looks Like
21:05 – Learn To Run To The Lord
23:51 – Don’t Get Stuck In An Isolated Narrative (Isaiah 6, verse 1)
26:53 – Have You Been Living From A Place of Pain?
29:32 – Your Pain Can Produce Clarity (Isaiah 9 verse 6, 12 verse 2, 43 verse 2)
31:32 – There’s Still A King
33:28 – God Is Over What’s Over You
37:14 – See, Listen, & Then Respond (Isaiah 6 verses 1, 3, 5)
38:55 – The Purpose of Revelation (Isaiah 6, verse 5)
41:37 – Touch The Altar (Isaiah 6, verse 8)
43:33 – God, Touch Our Hearts Today
46:00 – Seeing Who God Really Is

The Year I Saw | Tauren Wells | Elevation Church

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