The Rock

·Creatives: Renan Molin, Lindsei Barros, Charles Faria
·Production Company: The Youth
·Director: YUCA
·Director of Photography: Giordano Maestrelli
·Still Photography & Video Collection: YUCA
·Direção de arte: YUCA e The Youth crew
·Editing: YUCA
·Executive Producer: Eduardo Lubiazi
·Color Grade: Acauan Pastore
·1st AC: Duran Sodré
·Post Production Supervisor: Diogo Gameiro

·Music Production Company: Jamute
·Music Producers: James Pedrozo Pinto, Daniel Telles, Thiago Lester, Leck Gomes and Marcos Vaz
·Executive Producer: Alejandro Ramos Lepez
·Sound Engineers: Otavio Bertolo, Fernanda Galetti and Rafael Laurenti
·Production Coordinators: Julianna Zuppo and Leonardo Vieira

·Special thanks: Lab:Lab Analógico, Sabiá Laranjeira, Armada, Tatunca Nara.

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