The Pilgrimage – Travel with a Purpose

My friend Neo felt there were events in his previous life that were unsettled. To make up with his past life Neo needed to go to Varanasi in India to meet a holy guru by the 9th of March. I was invited to come along to tell his story. A journey that turned out to be both thrilling and fascinating.

”I knew I had to go to Varanasi to meet this guru. But I did not have a clue who he was or where he were. All I knew was that Varanasi is the place where life and death meets – a furious melting pot on the eastern riverbank of the mighty river Ganges. I knew that the forces of Shiva, the god of creativity and destruction, are especially strong there. What did Shiva have in plan for me?”

The journey triggered more fundamental and existential contemplations in both of us. What is the nature of real experiences? What is reality? What is truth?

The Pilgrimage was shot in 8 intense days in Rishikesh, Varanasi and Chennai in March 2015.

Voice over: Neo Moreton, Urban OM – Center for Yoga & Meditation.
Film, editing and post production: Anders Klapp,

Edited in Stockholm May 2015

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