The Nameless Call – Inside Costa Rica

We sometimes make the mistake of believing that we have seen it all now. However, an epic adventure a year ago has destroyed this assumption, and some other things we claimed to have known. This film attempts to tell the journey of that (re-)discovery. Alongside pals from Vroomie, Wow Tapes team traveled on a bus throughout Costa Rica’s untouched gems of rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls – all of which are home to a diversity of natural wildlife. Like any other paradise, we are left in awe with the alluring beauty of its nature, people and culture. But Costa Rica awashed upon us another kind of profound magic, one that perplexed us, at the same time brought us a sense of oneness. (Deep inside, we recognize that this experience can never be justified, but the mystery still beckons to be told.) The Nameless Call is an ode to the awakening of the mostly forgotten but perpetually calling sacred relationship between nature and humans.

A Wow Tapes Film
Production: Wow Tapes & VroomMate
Direction: Wow Tapes
Screenplay: Fabrizio Stramazzo
Editing: Fabio Reitano
Camera: Simone Menin
Color Correction: Giuseppe Lombardi
Production Manager: Giuseppe Terella
Co-Producer: Chiara Sardelli
Music: Deville
Sound Design, Additional Music and Mix: Slava Pogorelsky
VFX Supervision: Giuseppe Lombardi
3D Artists: Marco Giovanni De Angelis, Luigi Guarino
Translation & Transcription: Lovey Ann Marquez
Credits: Stefano Malerba
Actors: Giuseppe Terella, Endrina Sanchez
Fixing and Location Scouting: Giuseppe Terella
Backstage: Chiara Borredon
Driver: Ricardo Mejias Carranza

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