The Miracle In The Mismatch | Pastor Tim Timberlake | Elevation Church

Don’t stop short of your miracle.

In “The Miracle In The Mismatch,” Pastor Tim Timberlake of Celebration Church reveals that the seeds of your miracle are often sown in the soil of adversity.

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DISCLAIMER: The game Pastor Tim Timberlake is referencing was Alabama vs. Minnesota (played on November 25, 2017). While Alabama actually lost the game by 5 points, they did outscore Minnesota 30-22 while playing 3-on-5.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Introduction
3:22 – Judges 20, verses 14-16
5:58 – The Miracle In The Mismatch
12:44 – Why Did The Bible Give THAT Detail?
14:54 – You Can Choose How You Heal
16:44 – Everyone Has A Battle
16:29 – We All Have Pandemic Brain
19:29 – I’m Wounded and Tired
21:44 – Your Struggle Is Proof You Haven’t Been Overtaken
24:18 – You Got Choices
28:02 – Fighting Through The Pain
30:27 – I’m Not Going To Quit
32:38 – Progress Isn’t Pretty
33:58 – God Has Something In Store For You
37:24 – I Choose To Fight
38:37 – The Past Is In Your Head, But The Victory Is In Your Hand
40:32 – Don’t Focus On What You Lost
43:50 – Win With What You Have Left
45:37 – Why Am I Going Through This?
47:15 – The Pain Held A Promise
49:07 – The Victory Is Before You
51:03 – For Those In Need of A Miracle
53:57 – A Prayer For Miracles (Isaiah 53, verse 5)

The Miracle In The Mismatch | Pastor Tim Timberlake | Elevation Church

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