The Lion King & Jungle Festival

Disneyland Paris presents “The Lion King & Jungle Festival”

Honored and thrilled to have been chosen as director with Julie Rohart for this new amazing experience! A huge congratulations to all the teams who have created this wonderful season “The Lion King & Jungle Festival”, by far the most beautiful I’ve seen at Disneyland Paris and especially the Show Director of the Lion King, Christophe Leclercq, those Jungle Book Jive, Christine Mellet Matthieu Robin, choreographers Cathy Ematchoua for the Lion King and Céline Cain-Céline Kitsaïs for the Jungle Book Jive, Isabelle Antoine the Designer Costume Designer JBJ, Yves Ollier, Head of the scenography design, Guillaume Coignard the vocal manager, to all the artists, dancers, singers, musicians, acrobats, performers from all over the world and especially the percussionists from India! Congratulations to all the teams that have mobilized to achieve these beautiful images that I have assembled in this film summarizing this beautiful season “The Lion King & Jungle Festival” that I invite you to discover until September 22, 2019 !

The Lion King “Rythms of the Pride Lands”
Senior Manager Production: Nathalie Raverat-Teilhac
Head of Production: Carole Jublot
Producer: Standley Andy
Post Production Manager: Riccardo Marchegiani
Post Production Manager: Gens Marque Wieder
Artistic Director: Eric Sartori
Director: Julie Rohart
DoP: Louis Bergogne
1st AD: Sophie Pochon
Technical Supervisor: Eric Charansol
Technical Supervisor: Pierre Maveyraud
Logistic: Pascal Bliard
Steadycam Operator: Anton Tarente, Sacha Naceri
Camera Operator: Sofiane Hebache, Ludovic Plourde, Nils Ruivet
Camera Assistant: Zoe Mention, JB Sarda, Maxime Mogette, Raphaël Aprikian
Crane Operator: Jean Chesneau / Vincent Blasco
Editors: Ann Sophie Wieder / Arthur Boulegue
Colorist: Olivier Garcia / Julie Bonhomme
Camera: Arri Amira
Photographs: Bertrand GUAY / Valentin DESJARDINS
AMP Visual: Valentin PIRAS / Vincent BATHILY / Eric LABOSSE / Maxime NEVEU / Laurent MARTY / Yassine NOUREDINE / Jordhan FILLION / Thomas POLETTE / Sebastien THEVENIN / Rodrigue JERENT / Odile BROOK / Vincent REINHART / Jean Marc BOISSEREAU / Thierry MAS / Nicolas DUPLOUICH

The Jungle Book Jive / Matadance / Djembe Joy
Senior Manager Production: Nathalie Raverat-Teilhac
Head of Production: Carole Jublot
Producer: Gregory Deydier
Director: Günther Gheeraert
1st AD: Wilfried Vial
2nd AD: Sophie Pochon
DoP: Antonio Gil
Key Light: Gwilhem Rosemberg
Key Light Assistant: Nicolas Jaillard
Movi Camera Operator: Nils Ruinet
Camera Assistant: Maxime Mogette
Crane Operator: Jb Jay
Crane Assistant: Jean-Baptiste Sarda
Monitoring: Valentin Piras
Script: Claire Vandebeek
Key Grip: Vincent Blasco / Grégoire Benzaquen
Couple: Justine Viotty / Dimitri Repérant
Friends: Swan L’Haoua / Ngita Volo / Maud D’onofrio 

Family: Farid Alexandre Ismail / Tyneille Louise / Swann Archer / Sam Chevillard 

Stylist: Sebastien Goepfert
Stylist Assistant: Vincent Milet
HMU: Anne Céline Clement / Violette Lhotellier / Morgane Creuzet
Line Producter: Isabelle Hebert
Producer Assistant: Nicolas Tryant
Technical Coordinator: Fabien Rogez
AMP VISUAL: Baptiste Richard
Creative Manager: Maud Vanier
Project Leader: Alisson Boule
Artistic Director: David Del Vecchio
Artistic Director: Alexandre Morzy
Artistic Director: Barthelemy Bernat
Artistic Director: Krystelle Pierron
1st Technical Supervisor: Eric Charansol
Technical Supervisor: Lucie Pedexes / Cyril Bettinger / Antoine Bertrand
Editing: Günther Gheeraert
Colorist: Nils Ruinet
Music: Gregory Tanielian
Camera: Red Gemini
Lenses: Sigma Art Series / Canon L Series

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