The Japanese Prison Break: FOLLOW-UP

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The Incredible Japanese Prison Break:
The Greatest Bank Heist in Japanese History:

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Video Editing – Kento Bento
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[Japanese Prison Break: FOLLOW-UP]

If you clicked on this, I assume you’ve already watched the “The Incredible Japanese Prison Break”, and as it turns out, many of you had some lingering questions that needed answering, like:

– Where did all the dirt go?
– How can anyone break handcuffs with their bare hands?
– Why didn’t anyone see the rust after using the miso soup?
– How can you add three more years to a life sentence?
– What exactly was Shiratori’s initial crime that led to his first arrest?
– What happened to him after being released from prison?
– Was this whole video just an ad, bro?
– And, as a bonus, what’s the next Kento Bento video going to be about?

I answer all these questions in the video.

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