The Frustration of Expectation | Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. | Elevation Church

There’s a blessing on the other side.

In “The Frustration of Expectation,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of Vous Church reminds us that frustrating seasons are never wasted – and that God might be using that “wasted time” for something bigger than we can imagine.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Introduction
2:10 – The Importance of Alignment
5:29 – Romans 8, verses 18-27
7:42 – A Wilde Story
10:11 – The Frustration of Expectation (Romans 8, verses 18-19)
12:35 – It’s Time To Raise Your Expectation (Acts 3, verses 4-5)
14:54 – Jesus Wants To Do More Than Change Your Day
16:25 – Go Back To Your First Love
19:50 – Are You Sitting On The Bench?
21:38 – Why Don’t We Live With Expectation?
22:56 – Mind The Gap (Romans 8, verses 20-21)
25:37 – My Reality Is Frustrating
27:20 – This Could Be Why You’re Frustrated
29:22 – It Could Have Been Worse
31:33 – The Enemy Only Cares About Your Future (1 John 3, verse 2)
33:29 – Let The Spirit Close The Gap (Romans 8, verses 26-27)
35:44 – How To Experience Revelation (Romans 8, verses 22-25)
37:20 – Get Ready For A Reorder To Your Life
40:52 – Live Like God Is Doing What You’re Believing For
41:52 – I Need A Revival
42:57 – The Wait Is Worth It (Habakkuk 3, verses 16-17)
45:20 – God Will Always Catch You
48:00 – It’s Time To Jump
49:56 – Receiving All God Has For You
51:40 – An Opportunity For Salvation

The Frustration of Expectation | Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. | Elevation Church

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