The Flying Gold of Arabuko

Award winning and student BAFTA shortlisted short documentary, Directed and Produced by John Davies.

The Flying Gold of Arabuko is the literal and living story of the butterfly effect. It follows the practise of butterfly catchers and farmers in Kenya and how the practice has become an unlikely saviour of the largest and last wild remnant of the East African Coastal Forest System, which has been decimated by illegal logging and poaching in recent decades. Told through the perspective of a butterfly farmer, Charo Ngumbao, the film questions whether something as small as a butterfly could potentially save an entire ecosystem and the many species within it living on the brink of extinction.

Director/Producer : John Davies
Editor : John Davies
Cinematographer : John Davies
Composer : Madison Willing
Sound Design : Markus Andreas
Colourist : Francis Qureshi
Additional Camera : Jake Davison, Daniel Stuart, Miranda Grant

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