The Encounter

Today, instead of actually living and experiencing things, we have become obsessed with superficial moments that can be shared on social media. We have forgotten about the conversations, relationships and adventures that we could have if we just took the time to get to know people.

This film is about what happens if we do.

We follow an encounter between Alice and Ali. Alice is a 25-year-old documentary photographer and activist who spent much time on the frontlines of the European refugee crisis. Ali works in Oman to support his family back in Pakistan. For 8 months of the year he lives in the desert without seeing his wife, daughters or friends.

We documented what happens in the days after Alice takes a photo of Ali. They are not actors and there was no script. This is the real story of people getting to know each other. We captured their conversations and slowly discover Ali’s heartbreaking story. As well as his surprising attitude to his circumstances.

The film was shot on analog to focus on what was really essential. And to reinforce how valuable authentic moments really are – something that is easy to forget with the slickness and disposability of digital film.

With “The Encounter” we wanted to remind people about the real connections they could be missing. Because every person has a story. If you take the time to listen.

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Director: Marko Roth
DoP: Josua Stäbler
Producer: Simon Fessler
Production Company: Simon & Paul
Edit: Andreas Arvidsson
Sounddesign: Moritz Staub – Staub Audio
Copywriter: Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Music: Thomas Muis – 2WEI
Music supervision: Christoph Körner – 2WEI
1st AC: Leo Sikstel
Lab: Focus Film
Visual Effects & Clean Up: Matthias Weiner – Sons of Motion Pictures


Photo journalist: Alice Aedy
Local: Ali

Shot on//
ARRI 235
ZEISS Super Speeds Uncoated
Kodak Vision3

Supported by//
Canvas Club


Special thanks to//
Kodak Germany – Michael Boxrucker, Camera Rentals NL – Charles McGough, Licam Rentals – Bernd Schmidt, Royal Film Company – Moritz Schreiner, Maria Kalamara, Julian Lindenmann, Canvas Club – Philip Eichkorn, Nina Boriri, Lennart Lahrs, Adrian Kuchenreuther, Henrik Roth, Sofia Misgena.

Shot on location in Oman.

Clio Awards 2019 – Bronze

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