The Despair Trilogy: Man on Earth – NOWNESS

Premiering exclusively on NOWNESS is award-winning Australian director Yianni Warnock’s ‘The Despair Trilogy’—a darkly humorous delve into modern alienation, with each film in the mirthfully melancholic trio starring Shane Gardiner as an always lonesome protagonist in search of connection.

A man, a fish, a laughter class, and a dish. Man on Earth asks how people might find connection with other living entities in a world where we’re more alone than ever. With a nod and a wink, Warnock’s film takes a melancholic subject and injects it with his characteristic brand of off-beat gallows humor.

“Brought on by a brief obsession trawling Preston Market for interesting faces, Man on Earth was an attempt to capture the chaos and eclecticism of this mesmerizing location,” explains Warnock, “all while following a lone character wandering aimlessly trying to connect. In contrast, when his eventual connection finally arrives his moment of ecstasy is short-lived, met by an inevitable decline back to loneliness.”

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