The Despair Trilogy: Homebodies – NOWNESS

Premiering exclusively on NOWNESS is award-winning Australian director Yianni Warnock’s ‘The Despair Trilogy’—a darkly humorous delve into modern alienation, with each film in the mirthfully melancholic trio starring Shane Gardiner as an always lonesome protagonist in search of connection.

In Homebodies, a suburban couple go about their respective lives—searching for connection (and disconnection) while utterly unaware of the needs and desires of the other. With a dose of sorrow and schadenfreude, Warnock asks what could possibly shock these lost souls from their mundane malaise. “In Homebodies I was inspired to explore characters that were spatially connected but emotionally detached,” explains the Australian filmmaker. “I wanted to mix emotions of an alienated union with a tone that was sublime and at times farcical. We witness the character’s in their own extreme ways try to escape their dismal and very stereotypical lives—within their attempt to escape they are strangely brought back together.”

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