The Dark Winds of Santa Ana – NOWNESS

Legend has it that the ‘Red Wind’ of Santa Ana—which blows through coastal Southern California—causes drastic mood swings among those exposed to it, sparking tensions and wrathful human behaviour. In this new film from César Pesquera and Christian Lopez—a duo who studied the winds of the Mediterranean in an earlier collaboration—the malevolent Red Wind is embodied as a demonic figure that stalks the region’s deserts and diners, while local residents who have encountered its effects open up—however warily—about their blood curdling experiences. “We combined visual references to classic horror films with allusions to Joan Didion and Raymond Chandler,” The directorial duo note. “Ultimately, this gives the viewer a glimpse into the bleak landscape shaped by this wicked natural force.

This film is part of our special program #FiveDaysOfDarkness, where we celebrate—and interrogate—the meaning of ‘goth’ –

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