The Cost Of Going Off | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church

Put your passion in the right place.

In “The Cost Of Going Off,” Pastor Robert Madu of Social Dallas church reveals how our misplaced anger could cause us to forfeit our promise.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Let’s Not Take This For Granted
2:39 – A Word For Our Culture
6:20 – The Cost Of Going Off
8:11 – Getting Honest About Parenting
11:08 – Triggering Unprocessed Emotions
13:43 – How’s Your Anger?
17:00 – Stop Stuffing Your Anger Down
19:02 – Putting Your Anger In Its Proper Place
22:50 – Anger Isn’t The Real Issue
25:25 – Obsessed With Status
29:26 – Everybody’s Got A Spot
33:42 – Servants Always Start Miracles
36:32 – Status Doesn’t Stop Issues
40:59 – The Gap Between Experience And Expectation
44:19 – Simple Obedience Is Strength
49:20 – Don’t Miss The Miracle
51:32 – Your Anger May Be Blocking Your Miracle
53:50 – Praying Healing Over An Angry Heart
55:50 – The Gift Of Salvation

Scripture References:
2 Kings 5, verses 1-14
Proverbs 14, verse 29
Ephesians 4, verse 26

The Cost Of Going Off | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church

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