The $4 Cutex jelly nail polish remover is an easier way to take off your polish

Removing nail polish can be a messy task, not to mention drying on your skin, nails, and cuticles. But Cutex’s new jelly nail-polish remover promises to make the experience a lot easier.

The remover is formulated with vitamin E to nourish nails and not dry out cuticles, and it has a “spill-free” precision tip for application. Producer Nico Reyes tests the jelly remover out on different types of polish formulas, creme and glitter, to see how well it works to remove and if it actually does leave her fingers feeling less dry than traditional polish remover.

Products used in video:
Cutex jelly nail-polish remover, $3.99

100% organic cotton rounds, $2.99

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