Taylor Swift’s Ex Boyfriends & Where are They Now!! | Hollywire

Taylor Swift’s new music video Me! Featuring Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie hit 65.2 million views in just 24 hours. You’re welcome Tay Tay, that was mostly me, and yes everything is fine! Which got us thinking about TSwift’s “long list of ex-lovers” and where are they now?!
We obviously ship Justin and Hailey Bieber so hard. It feels like every day this cutest couple does something to make us swoon and go “aww I want that.” Here are the five times the Biebs times two gave us serious #RelationshipGoals.
Beyonce, who very selectively uses Instragam, dropped three photos last week of her and a whole bunch of sneakers. Which got us thinking, could Bey have any more sneakers? Of course, she could, she’s Beyonce. This image has already been meme-ed a bunch, as all the single ladies are wondering, what is going on here?
You guys remember when wedgies were not something you ever wanted, right? Well times have changed, the latest Instagram trend is the “Wedgie Rise.” Emily Ratajowski, Demi Rose and Chloe Ferry are all about this look, that is also called “fanny flossing” or “v-kinis.”

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