Sushi master rates 9 sushi scenes in movies and TV

Sushi master Endo Kazutoshi looks at nine sushi scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism.

He looks at “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” (2019), “The Sopranos” (2006), “Gintama” episode 120 (2008), “Billions” S2E2 (2017), “East Side Sushi” (2014), “Isle of Dogs” (2018), “Samurai Gourmet” S1E7 (2017), “Dead Sushi” (2012), and “Madagascar” (2005).

Endo is a third-generation sushi master specializing in the Edomae style of sushi, a technique particular to Tokyo. He was born in Yokohama and has been working in kitchens for 26 years. He opened Endo at the Rotunda, an omakase restaurant in the former BBC TV studios in White City, London, in 2018. The restaurant is famed for its 200-year-old hinoki wood counter and rice water imported from Endo’s home town to maintain the perfect pH. He serves a 20-course sushi menu. In 2020, he opened the sushi restaurant Sumi in London’s Notting Hill.

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