Sonder – Too Fast

Director- Noah Lee
Director of Photography – Christopher Ripley
Executive Producer – Danny Lee
Executive Producer – Zalman Band
Producer- Sara elgamal
Production Design- Angus Bernsen
Production Design- Tyler Evans
Production Coordinator- Mateo Llosa
1st AC – Jacob Perry
Steadicam- Parker Brooks
Grip- Greg Loebell
Grip- Genevieve Evans
Gaffer- Jake Kaster
SFX- Autonomous F/X
SFX Artist- David Brooke
SFX Assistant- Kruzificio Valadez
Fetus design- Jack Pullman

Amir Legrone
Suniyah & Laniyah Smith

Post Production
Editor- Noah Lee
Sound Design/mix – Sonder
Cellist (score) – Gabe Noel
Colourist – Christopher Ripley
VFX- Tanner Merrill
VFX-Trevor Corrigan (Wingman VFX)

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