Sleepy Chan – NOWNESS

The Temple of Sleepy Chan isn’t a fiction, explains filmmaker Jade Jackman of her latest collaboration with London-made, Japan-rooted style brand Hanger—it’s a place we can actually visit. In this film, Hanger’s latest collection—inspired by cultic influences and the slow motion of Japanese tea ceremonies—is mirrored in the color-coded rooms and otherworldly interiors of the Temple: a place that is both timeless and infinite, allowing the visitor—or, better, the worshiper—to relax from the heady pace of modern life. But there’s a catch to this beguiling utopia, explains Jackman: “You can’t think about time while in the Temple. Given how constantly connected and engaged we are, I wanted to allude to how this state cannot last. So, eventually, a model will arrive—notifying you that it’s your time to leave the Temple of Sleepy Chan.” In time, we’ll all be evicted from paradise.

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