Ský means cloud in Icelandic. 

This is the first time I saw so many clouds and rains during my holidays.

At the beginning of my trip I was kind of disappointed. Then I started to enjoy the weather as it was. It taught me a lot to accept that. It even brought a mysterious atmosphere to landscapes. 
I felt something strong in this country.

I was amazed by how things are powerful there. It’s incredible how everything is mixing, how elements are connected to each other. That’s what I wanted to highlight in the edit. At the beginning, I tried to make the drone shots and the macro shots indistinguishables.

I did a film look grade because it reminds me the organic part of what I saw and touched. 
For the music, I asked my friend composer to create something with a lot of steps, like what I lived there. He suggested me to use electronic and acoustic instruments to show the contrast between the majestic strength of this place and its beauty.

I initially booked my plane tickets to see the eruption of the Geldingadalsgos volcano. The day I arrived the eruption stopped… So during my trip I was dreaming and expecting to have the chance to see it before coming back. Five hours before my flight, I had an opportunity to get back to the volcano during a night hike at midnight sunset. It was happening, a small eruption started again with a clear sky !

The day I arrived at home, a friend there sent me a picture of a red sky caused by the eruption. The eruption was visible from Reykjavik, almost one hour by drive! 

Did you notice the yellow small flower attached on right to the rock at 1:11 ?

You can see some pictures of the trip on my instagram

Again my friend Air Goat composed this great custom song.
Follow him on his social media :

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