Shaving for Beginners

Ty Moore has been a Marine longer than he hasn’t. After 5 deployments he has seen his fair share of trauma in the theatre of war. Ty was trained to handle trauma. By his own account he isn’t afraid of anything. That is until the trauma was in Ty’s own home.

Jenn, his wife, was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, a very aggressive cancer in her ribs. Like they have done throughout their marriage they persevered. They both thought this would be the worst thing their family ever went through, they were wrong.

Shaving for Beginners is the story of Ty, a father, a Marine, and a husband, as he takes his brokenness from situations outside his control and creates hope for him, his family, and his fellow servicemen and women.

Directed by Jordan Halland
Produced by Luke Webster

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