SE Cupp rips Republican 'whining' at hearings

CNN’s SE Cupp weighs in on the first week of public impeachment inquiry hearings, blasting Republican lawmakers for how they used their time. #CNN #News

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  1. None of the people youre referring to as witnesses have even met the president or been in the same room with him, so classifying them as witnesses doesn”t meet the very definition. In New Mexico there is a term that describes you that says it all. You not jjournalist you”re a “mitotera” and no mas que una “escandolosa”. However, you fit right in with the the bogus main stream media, which is actually unscrupulous and not in touch with the true nature of reality. There is nothing more that could be disclosed concerning the corrupt Biden father son conspiracy that hasnt already been disclosed, and Trump had nothing to do with it. It is hideously self explanatory.

  2. Oh please. That’s all you libtards do is whine. S.E. Cunt is just “Whining”because she knows all of this means nothing cause he will not get impeached by the senate. Lol. The saddest part is democrats have done zero in congress during TRUMPs presidency. Zero. No one cares either. The Liberal media says nothing about it. So while libtards have tried there best to destroy the President he still has black unemployment at an all time low and an economy that is booming. Get ready for four more years you morons. LMAO

  3. So now those three viewers that actually watch CNN and S.E. Cunt are going to be pumped up after hearing this top notch jour…oops, I almost called this journalism. Lol silly me.


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