S’Ardia é S’Ardia

In Sedilo, a small village in Sardinia, the year is divided into two parts; Before S’Ardia and after S’Ardia. Born from legend this horse race is steeped in faith and religious pageantry where three race against 100. In simple terms it represents the battle between Saint Constantine and Maxentius. Christianity against Paganism.

But S’Ardia is much more than a simple horse race. These riders will wait decades for the honour of being Sa Prima Pandèla and race through the Sanctuary. In Sedilo, it is not just tradition, religion and bravery for those who live and breath horse riding, it is S’Ardia.

Shot and directed by Dan Sadgrove
Editor: Ben Elkaim

Music: Hanan Townshend

Sound: Morgan Johnson

Color: Mikey Rossiter

Translation: Claudia Marredda

Interpreters: Claudia Marredda, Michela Muscau
Interviews: Alessandra Spiga, Salvatorangelo Chessa, Matteo Falchi, Giovanni Battista Puddu, Antonio Carta Mula.

Grazie:  Lino Spada, Salvatorangelo Chessa, Claudia Marredda, Michela Muscau, Alessandra Spiga, Matteo Falchi, Antonio Carta Mula, Mara Muscau, Giuseppe Putzolu, Giovanni Mameli, Fabrizio Delogu, Graziano Salaris, Emilio Marredda, Maria Sotgiu, Giovanni Battista Puddu, Michele Onida, Giuseppe Carta, Manuel Frau & Giuseppe Carboni

Un grazie sincero a tutta la popolazione di Sedilo per l’ospitalità

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