Saint Petersburg

An architectural, non-narrative, short film about the most beautiful city of Russia – Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Unique location, European style architecture, “white nights”, and most importantly the city vibe and atmosphere this is what draw many people to this town.
So, of course, I had to do a short architectural film about this place.

This is my third short architectural film, besides Moscow and Andalucia. Once again the main focus of this production is architecture, both exterior and interior, since St Petersburg or “Peter” (that’s how many Russian calls it) are very famous for both. Beautiful old European-style building facades, gorgeous museums, churches, old houses are of course St Petersburg’s treasure. But interiors of grand palaces, mesmerising cathedral ceilings, and even entrances to small residential homes as well as beautiful staircases in unexpected places, also famously St Petersburg.

I try to include as many as I could into this short film just to give you enough taste to be inspired to visit this amazing city for yourself.

The entire film, including, gimbal works, hyper lapses, time-lapses, and motion lapses were shot exclusively on a DJI Pocket 2 device. I am constantly impressed with this small but mighty piece of engineering marvel and version 2 didn’t disappoint.

I hope you really enjoy what I have created. Love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Technical details:
• Footages – DJI Pocket 2 (some with a wide-angle lens by DJI)

• ND Filters – Polar Pro (Cinematographers Collection)

• Editing/Grading/Sound mixing – Davinci Resolve 17

• Additional software (titles/fixes/cleanup/hyperlapses/cover) – Adobe After Effects 2021, Adobe Lightroom Classic, LRTimelapse 5

• Music licencing – Musicbed

• Footage licensing –

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