Running On Empty | Holly Furtick | Elevation Church

Are you running on empty?
In this special Mother’s Day message, Holly Furtick of Elevation Church gives this reminder: Even when you feel empty, God‘s faithfulness will never run out.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Celebrating The Women Who Have Impacted Us
2:38 – 2 Kings 4, verses 1-2
5:44 – I get it from my mom.
10:40 – Running On Empty
12:58 – I Feel Like I Have Nothing Left
15:00 – CRY OUT TO GOD (2 Kings 4, verse 1)
17:47 – Are You Pretending That Everything Is Okay?
20:55 – God Hears Your Cry (Psalm 34, verses 17-18)
23:53 – How Can I Help You? (2 Kings 4, verse 2)
24:57 – When I work on me, I change us.
26:43 – REACH OUT TO OTHERS (2 Kings 4, verse 3)
29:28 – You Cannot Stay Behind Screens
31:55 – Shut The Door and Let God Work (2 Kings 4, verse 4)
33:54 – POUR OUT WHAT YOU HAVE (2 Kings 4, verse 5)
39:22 – When It Feels Like You Don’t Have Enough To Make It (Luke 6, verse 38)
42:00 – LIVE ON WHAT’S LEFT (2 Kings 4, verses 6-7)
45:49 – Don’t Be Afraid of the Emptiness

Running On Empty | Holly Furtick | Elevation Church

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