Romania Roadtrip

Romania is an amazing country in Eastern Europe. While Transylvania might be a bit over-mystified, it is still probably one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe offering everything from amazing landscapes, beautiful mountains, vibrant cities, mediveal castles and more mediveal castles 😉 and lovely people. Find out in 4 amazing minutes minutes, why Romania should definitely be on your bucket list in case this pandemic should ever be over someday.
A seperate episode from the Danube Delta will follow shortly.

00:01 Breb, Maramures
00:07 Mocăniță railway, Maramures
00:29 Village Maramures
00:39 Merry Cemetery, Săpânța, Maramures
00:47 Peri-Săpânţa Monastery, Wooden Churches, Maramures
00:58 Bârsana Monastery, Wooden Churches, Maramures
01:09 Brașov, Transylvania
01:27 Sighișoara,Transylvania
01:44 Sibiu,Transylvania
01:51 Fortified Evangelical Church Harman, Transylvania
01:57 Fortified Church Prejmer, Transylvania
02:01 Râșnov Fortress, Transylvania
02:04 Castelul Corvinilor (Corvins’ Castle)
02:07 Făgăraș Fortress
02:08 Bran Castle – The tourist trap “Dracula Castle” near Brasov, Transylvania
02:15 Poenari Citadel – “The real Dracula Castle” in Transylvania
02:20 Castelul Peles (Peles castle) in Transylvania
02:23 Iași
02:27 Saltmine Salina Turda
02:35 Apuseni Mountains Transylvania
02:41 Bucegi Natural Park
02:47 Rimetea, Apuseni Mountains Transylvania
02:58 Runc, Apuseni Mountains Transylvania
03:08 Transfăgărășan Mountain Road
03:35 Vidraru Dam
03:56 Făgăraș
03:59 Iași
04:10 Bucharest

Gear list:
Lumix S1H
Lumis S 24-105 mm lens_
Lumix GH5
Lumix 7-14 mm
Lumix 14-140mm
Gimbal Weebill S
360° Camera
Mavic Pro 2
DJI Mini 2 (Great with new EU regulation)
SD Cards:
Boom Pole for Gimbal
Tall Tripod for „No drone zones“:
Macbook Pro:
iPhone SE as screen for drone and Gimbal:
Phone wristholder for „gimbal on pole shots“:
Post Production:

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Music: Hungarian Rhapsody No2 by Franz Liszt perfomed by US Navy Band.

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