Robert Pattinson & Robert Eggers On The WTF Weirdness of ‘The Lighthouse’ | Rotten Tomatoes

An almost undefinable mix of horror, fantasy, drama, and claustrophobic comedy, ‘The Lighthouse’ is leaving audiences thrilled, shocked, and a little confused in its wake. “What’s it all about?” To answer that question, we sat down with star Robert Pattinson and director and co-writer Robert Eggers to ask what’s going on in this tale of the crusty Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and the mysterious Ephraim Winslow (Pattinson), who are together charged with running a New England lighthouse when a mammoth storm hits and some serious cabin fever sets in. That sense of weirdness, of the unexplained, is partly the point of the film, the pair explains. Plus, Pattinson reveals how he tried to shock co-star Dafoe in some of their intense brawling scenes and shares why he took on the challenging role, while Eggers talks about the joy of working with two actors who are “game for anything” and why he’s stretching the definitions of genres.

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