R O A M, an adventure film spanning the United States during the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the fall of 2019 I was burnt out, feeling unfulfilled, and seeking something new and exciting. Photography and filmmaking have always been passions of mine, but starting a business and adult life pushed them to the side. My goal for 2020 was to combine these passions with an epic road trip. So I set out on what was supposed to be a six month road trip spanning all regions of the US with a six week stint in CA searching for waves with a few friends.

I had anticipated a few flats, missed flights, lost bags, wrong turns, but I didn’t expect a world wide pandemic to grind everything to a halt. Plans fell apart and friends and family could not fly to meet me at different stages of the trip. California beaches were closed, national parks closed, camp grounds were closed and I ended up alone 3,000 miles away from home living out of my car.

I had invested too much into this trip and there was no turning back. I had to make it work and although it was a bit tricky, I ended up camping in some of the most beautiful and remote places with no one else around. I had my fair share of highs and a few really low moments and although I missed sharing these places and moments with friends and family, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanks for watching!

A film by Peter Melhado.


Psychic Ills

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Die Away As One In Time
The Blue Angel Lounge

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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