Richie’s – NOWNESS

Chronicling the gentrification of Bushwick, Brooklyn, this emotive new documentary from Gaspard Nemec takes the point-of-view of the owner of an iconic local gym that has survived the dramatic transformation of this corner of New York—from its formerly poverty-stricken origins into a now trendy neighbourhood. Alongside the business’s owner, Rich Ortiz, we meet members of the Brooklyn Beasts powerlifting crew, and get to know the local characters who spend time at this increasingly under-threat Brooklyn institution.

As the director explains, “juxtaposing contrasting perspectives on gentrification through testimonies, archival footage provided by Rich Ortiz, refined aesthetics, and handheld doc-style camera work, this film offers an immersive experience to the viewer while bringing to light current issues. It is also a tribute to Richie’s Gym and its members who are an important part of the neighbourhood’s identity.

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